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Arjuna arjuna 60 dpiArjuna

**Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) Extracts: A Time-Honored Remedy for Cardiovascular Health** Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) extracts have a long-standing history of utilization in the realm of Ayurvedic medicine. Derived from the bark of the Arjuna tree, these extracts have been revered for centuries due to their remarkable efficacy in addressing various cardiovascular ailments. Their multifaceted healing properties extend beyond the heart, encompassing conditions such as asthma, hypertension, and even kidney stones. In Ayurvedic medicine, Arjuna extracts have been widely recognized for their ability to promote cardiovascular well-being. The bark of the Arjuna tree contains a plethora of bioactive compounds that actively support the functioning of the heart. These compounds work synergistically to strengthen the cardiac muscles, enhance blood circulation, and regulate blood pressure levels. By doing so, Arjuna extracts assist in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and reducing the risk of heart-related disorders. Furthermore, Arjuna extracts exhibit remarkable therapeutic benefits in managing respiratory conditions such as asthma. The potent anti-inflammatory properties of these extracts help alleviate the inflammation of the airways, enabling easier breathing and reducing the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. This makes Arjuna extracts a valuable addition to holistic approaches aimed at mitigating the symptoms of respiratory disorders. Additionally, Arjuna extracts have been found to be effective in managing hypertension, a prevalent condition characterized by persistently high blood pressure. The active compounds present in Arjuna extracts aid in relaxing the blood vessels, thereby reducing the strain on the heart and facilitating better blood flow. This natural approach to blood pressure management makes Arjuna extracts an attractive alternative for individuals seeking non-pharmacological interventions. Moreover, Arjuna extracts have been traditionally used to address the issue of kidney stones. Renowned for their diuretic properties, these extracts facilitate the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body. By promoting increased urine production, Arjuna extracts help prevent the formation of kidney stones and assist in flushing out existing stones, thereby supporting optimal kidney health. In summary, Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) extracts possess a rich legacy in Ayurvedic medicine for their remarkable contributions to cardiovascular health. Their versatility extends beyond cardiac well-being, encompassing the management of respiratory conditions, hypertension, and kidney stones. By harnessing the healing potential of Arjuna extracts, individuals can embrace a comprehensive approach to their well-being and unlock the benefits of this ancient remedy.

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Calcibrook forte® calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc sulphate 1000mg/240mg/11mgCalcibrook Forte

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Ferrogen XT® iron, folic acid 100mg + 1.5mgFerrogen Xt

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Hiowna-jr Chocolate® ragi, maricha, mandukaparni, amalaki, peeyusha 200gHiowna-jr Chocolate

Hiowna-jr Chocolate®

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Hiowna-jr Vanilla® ragi, maricha, mandukaparni, amalaki, peeyusha 200gHiowna-jr Vanilla

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Lions Mane Mushroom Powder® hericium erinaceus 50gLions Mane Mushroom Powder

Urban Platter brings you the Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Powder, a potent superfood medicinal mushroom available in a convenient 50g bottle. This exceptional product offers numerous health benefits without compromising on taste. Packed with antioxidants, Lion's Mane supports overall cellular health and boosts the immune system. The extract powder is a versatile addition to various beverages and recipes. Enhance your morning routine by incorporating it into your coffee, tea, or green smoothies. If you prefer post-workout protein shakes, adding this extract powder will not only amplify the nutritional value but also contribute to your well-being. You can even experiment by using it as an extra ingredient in your favorite recipes. When it comes to flavor, Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Powder offers an earthy and savory profile that complements warm tonic beverages perfectly. Additionally, it blends seamlessly into soups and other savory dishes, making it a delightful addition to your culinary creations. Remember, a little bit of this potent extract goes a long way in providing its remarkable benefits. Discover the power of Urban Platter's Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Powder today and elevate your overall health and wellness!

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Moringa® Capsule moringa leaf 1mgMoringa Capsule

In the realm of online pharmacy product descriptions, there exists a powerful elixir known as Moringa. This remarkable plant, with its myriad of benefits, holds the key to boosting one's energy levels, enhancing stamina and vitality, and restoring the delicate balance of essential vitamins and minerals within the body. Meticulously cultivated and carefully harvested, Moringa possesses an inherent ability to invigorate the weary soul and infuse it with newfound vigor. With each dose, this botanical wonder unleashes a surge of energy, revitalizing both body and mind. But Moringa's prowess extends beyond mere vitality. Its unique composition boasts a wealth of essential nutrients, serving as a natural remedy to restore the delicate equilibrium of vitamins and minerals that may have become askew. Through its gentle touch, Moringa helps to harmonize the body's internal chemistry, promoting overall well-being and optimal functioning. As the specialist behind the compilation of product cards for this online pharmacy, it is the duty of the writer to convey the remarkable qualities of Moringa. Its ability to elevate energy levels, increase stamina, and restore essential vitamin and mineral imbalances is unparalleled. With every word penned, the writer strives to inspire trust in the potency and efficacy of this miraculous botanical remedy. In conclusion, Moringa serves as a beacon of hope in the realm of natural remedies. Its inherent power to boost energy, enhance stamina, and restore vital nutrients makes it an invaluable asset in the pursuit of holistic well-being. Through the meticulous crafting of product cards, the writer endeavors to convey the magnificence of Moringa and its potential to transform lives.

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One-alpha alfacalcidol 0.25mcg /0.5mcgOne-alpha

Alfacalcidol, an active metabolite of Vitamin D, plays a crucial role in regulating calcium balance and bone metabolism. It acts as a hormone analog of Vitamin D, activated by the enzyme 25-hydroxylase in the liver for systemic effects and in osteoblasts for localized actions. Its multifaceted effects extend to various areas including the gut, bones, parathyroid glands, muscles, and even the brain. Compared to plain vitamin D (cholecalciferol), alfacalcidol surpasses it due to the negative feedback mechanism that regulates the final kidney activation of cholecalciferol. Alfacalcidol finds wide application in treating osteoporosis; however, its precise mechanism of action in bone health remains incompletely understood. One of the notable functions of alfacalcidol is its stimulation of intestinal calcium absorption, which leads to increased urinary calcium excretion and elevated serum calcium levels. Additionally, it exerts a suppressive effect on the secretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH). These properties contribute to maintaining proper calcium levels in the body.

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Red Reishi Mushroom Powder® lingzhi mushroom 50gRed Reishi Mushroom Powder

Introducing a new product card for the online pharmacy: The Urban Platter presents Red Reishi Mushroom, available in a 50g bottle. This remarkable mushroom is renowned for its exceptional ability to enhance the immune system and harness the healing powers of nature. With utmost care, our team sources these mushrooms to ensure they are completely free from any toxins or fillers, guaranteeing the highest quality. Containing a minimum of 30% polysaccharides, our meticulously crafted reishi extract offers optimal potency and effectiveness. The distinct taste of reishi carries a pleasant bitterness that pairs excellently when brewed as a revitalizing tea. Alternatively, it can be added to sweetened tonics, coffees, or even incorporated into delightful chocolate recipes. For those seeking an extra health boost, introducing this red reishi extract into your daily routine can work wonders. It seamlessly blends with your favorite beverages such as coffee, tea, or green smoothies. Additionally, it can be integrated into post-workout protein shakes, giving you a replenishing dose of vitality. Unleash your culinary creativity by using it as an ingredient in various recipes, or experience the upgraded richness it brings to your bulletproof coffee. Discover the powerful potential of Red Reishi Mushroom by Urban Platter today and unlock a world of natural well-being.

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Theofer XT® iron, folic acid, zinc 100mg + 1.5mg + 22.5mgTheofer Xt

Theofer XT® is a unique blend of supplements designed for individuals seeking additional support during pregnancy. This comprehensive formula contains Ferrous Ascorbate, which provides Elemental Iron at a potency of 100mg, along with Folic Acid at a dosage of 1.5mg and Zinc at 22.5mg. One of the key benefits of Theofer XT® is its ability to assist muscle cells in storing oxygen through the presence of Myoglobin. This ensures proper oxygenation and functioning of your muscles. Additionally, Folic Acid plays a crucial role in the production and maintenance of new cells in the body. It also aids in safeguarding DNA integrity, thereby reducing the risk of cancer-related changes. Furthermore, the combination of Ferrous Sulfate and Folic Acid found in Theofer XT® offers effective treatment for iron deficiency anemia. This condition arises when there is an insufficient amount of iron to support the production of red blood cells. By replenishing iron levels, these components help combat anemia and promote healthier blood circulation. Zinc, another essential component of Theofer XT®, plays a pivotal role in hormonal balance. Insufficient levels of zinc can disrupt the normal levels of various hormones associated with initiating contractions. Moreover, zinc deficiency can compromise immune function, making the body more susceptible to systemic and intrauterine infections that can potentially lead to premature birth. In summary, Theofer XT® is a specialized supplement blend that provides important nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy. Its unique combination of Ferrous Ascorbate, Folic Acid, and Zinc addresses iron deficiency anemia, aids in the production of new cells, ensures proper muscle oxygenation, and helps maintain hormonal balance while promoting a strong immune system.

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Vitamin C ascorbic acid 500mgVitamin C

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Vitomanhills® ashwagandha, shatavari, krounchobeej... 1mgVitomanhills

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Wheatgrass® wheatgrass 1mgWheatgrass

The Wheatgrass Tablet, meticulously formulated, stands as a formidable ally in bolstering metabolic functions and facilitating detoxification processes. Its potential extends to fortifying immunity, thereby contributing to the maintenance of cellular well-being and the effective management of sugar levels. Abundant in micronutrients and vital elements, it serves as a reliable reservoir of nutrition. Furthermore, its properties are believed to cleanse the bloodstream, elevating both its quality and quantity, thus fostering comprehensive bodily health and vitality.

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Zincoheal® vitamins and minerals 1mgZincoheal

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Zinconia® zinc 50mgZinconia


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