Kamagra® Oral Jelly sildenafil citrate 100mgKamagra Oral Jelly

$ 3.33
Active Fresh Gel® miswak, menthol, dill, fennel, clove, cardamon 100gActive Fresh Gel

$ 4.98
Anti Hair Fall Cream® bhringaraja, amla 100gAnti Hair Fall Cream

Introducing the revolutionary Anti-Hair Fall Cream®, a remarkable formulation designed for daily use that effectively combats hair fall while fortifying hair follicles. This exclusive blend harnesses the powerful properties of key herbal ingredients such as Bhringaraja and Amla, working harmoniously to nurture hair from its very roots. With consistent usage, this cream not only minimizes hair fall but also promotes significant hair growth and enhances the strength of hair follicles. The Anti-Hair Fall Cream® stands apart with its unique formula, carefully developed to address the common issue of excessive hair fall. By incorporating the goodness of essential herbs, this cream offers comprehensive nourishment to your hair, ensuring optimal health and vitality. Bhringaraja, known for its rejuvenating properties, aids in reducing hair fall by strengthening weak strands and minimizing breakage. Amla, on the other hand, enriches the hair follicles, stimulating healthy growth and fortifying the overall structure. With regular application, Anti-Hair Fall Cream® not only revitalizes your hair but also provides a protective shield against external factors that contribute to hair fall. By incorporating this cream into your daily hair care routine, you can experience the joy of stronger, healthier hair that exudes natural beauty and resilience. Embrace the remarkable benefits of Anti-Hair Fall Cream® and witness the transformation as it reduces hair fall, improves hair growth, and strengthens your precious hair follicles. Unleash the power of nature's finest herbs and unlock the secret to lustrous, voluminous hair that truly shines with vitality and radiance.

$ 6.65
Anti Hair Fall Shampoo® butea frondosa, bhringaraja 100mlAnti Hair Fall Shampoo

Introducing the innovative Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo®, an exceptional dual-action solution meticulously crafted to combat hair fall and enhance the vitality of your precious locks. This remarkable formulation not only minimizes hair loss but also replenishes and nurtures each hair strand, promoting a healthier and more resilient appearance. Experience its nourishing benefits that go beyond mere conditioning, effectively reducing hair fall caused by breakage. Enriched with the potent herbs Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja, this shampoo works wonders by stimulating the growth of hair follicles, fortifying the very foundation of your hair roots, and exerting control over excessive hair fall. The synergy between these natural ingredients yields remarkable results, providing you with stronger and more lustrous hair. Embrace the transformative power of the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo® as it revolutionizes your hair care routine. Witness the reduction in hair fall and the noticeable improvement in your hair's texture. Say goodbye to the worries of fragile strands and welcome a new sense of confidence with the strengthened beauty of your locks. Note: It is important to consult a healthcare professional or specialist before using any products from the online pharmacy.

$ 6.65
Anti-Dandruff Hair oil® tea tree oil, rosemary 100mlAnti-dandruff Hair Oil

**Product Description: Anti-Dandruff Hair oil®** Introducing Anti-Dandruff Hair oil®, a highly potent herbal oil meticulously formulated to combat dandruff by eradicating microbial infections on the scalp. This unique hair oil is enriched with the goodness of Kayaputi (Tea Tree) Oil, renowned for its powerful anti-dandruff properties, and Nimba (Neem), known for its ability to effectively treat scalp infections while providing relief from dryness and itching. **Key Features:** 1. Microbial Infection Prevention: Anti-Dandruff Hair oil® is specifically designed to target and eliminate microbial infections that can lead to dandruff formation. By effectively combating these infections, it helps keep the scalp healthy and free from dandruff-related concerns. 2. Kayaputi (Tea Tree) Oil: This exceptional ingredient in the hair oil possesses potent anti-dandruff properties. Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties help to effectively combat dandruff-causing agents, promoting a clean and healthy scalp. 3. Nimba (Neem) Extract: Nimba, or Neem, is a well-known natural ingredient renowned for its therapeutic benefits. It is particularly effective in treating scalp infections, reducing inflammation, and relieving dryness and itching, ensuring overall scalp health. **Benefits:** - Eliminates Dandruff: The powerful combination of Kayaputi (Tea Tree) Oil and Nimba (Neem) in Anti-Dandruff Hair oil® helps eliminate dandruff from the scalp, providing long-lasting relief. - Scalp Infection Treatment: Nimba (Neem) extract present in the hair oil effectively treats scalp infections, helping to restore the scalp's health and vitality. - Relieves Dryness and Itching: The soothing properties of Nimba (Neem) provide relief from dryness and itching, promoting a comfortable and nourished scalp. - Herbal Formulation: Anti-Dandruff Hair oil® harnesses the power of herbal ingredients, ensuring a natural and gentle solution for dandruff-related concerns. **Usage Instructions:** For optimal results, follow these simple steps: 1. Take a sufficient amount of Anti-Dandruff Hair oil® and gently massage it onto the scalp. 2. Leave the oil on for at least an hour, allowing it to deeply penetrate the scalp. 3. For best results, use regularly, preferably overnight, before washing the hair with a mild shampoo. 4. Enjoy a clean, healthy, and dandruff-free scalp with regular use. **Note:** It is recommended to perform a patch test before applying the hair oil to ensure there are no allergic reactions. **Experience the Difference with Anti-Dandruff Hair oil®:** Say goodbye to dandruff-related worries and embrace a healthier scalp with Anti-Dandruff Hair oil®. This unique herbal formulation, enriched with the goodness of Kayaputi (Tea Tree) Oil and Nimba (Neem), is your go-to solution for combating dandruff, treating scalp infections, and relieving dryness and itching. Provide your scalp with the care it deserves and enjoy the confidence of having beautiful, dandruff-free hair.

$ 6.98
Anti-Wrinkle Cream® grape, aloe vera 50gAnti-wrinkle Cream

**Rewriting the Product Card for an Online Pharmacy** #### Anti-Aging Cream® - An Effective Solution for Aging Skin The Anti-Aging Cream® is a potent anti-wrinkle solution designed to delay the signs of skin aging. This advanced formula is enriched with a blend of natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), essential vitamins, skin-nourishing nutrients, and botanical extracts, effectively minimizing oxidative damage and maintaining the skin's youthful softness and elasticity.

$ 10.99
Bonnisan® amalaki, guduchi, shatapushpa 100mlBonnisan

#### Product Card: Bonnisan® **Product Name:** Bonnisan® **Description:** Bonnisan® is a herbal ayurvedic carminative and digestive supplement that is specifically formulated to relieve symptoms of colic in gastrointestinal disorders in infants and children. It can also be taken as a daily health supplement to prevent digestive complaints. **Key Features:** - Herbal ayurvedic formula - Relieves symptoms of colic in infants and children - Supports digestive health - Can be taken as a daily health supplement **Usage Instructions:** Take as directed by a healthcare professional. **Precautions:** - Consult a healthcare professional before use. - Keep out of reach of children. - Store in a cool, dry place. **Disclaimer:** This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new medication or supplement. Please note that the information provided above is based on general knowledge and does not constitute medical advice. For specific information about the product, including dosage and usage instructions, it is recommended to consult the product packaging or a healthcare professional.

$ 6.65
Butterscotch Condoms condom 1mgButterscotch Condoms

Introducing a new product card for an online pharmacy: Product Name: Manforce Butterscotch Condoms Description: Discover the indulgent pleasure of Manforce Butterscotch Condoms. These condoms have been meticulously designed to offer a unique and exciting experience in the bedroom. With their extra dotted surface, featuring an astounding 576 dots each, these condoms provide unparalleled pleasure for both partners. Features: 1. Sensational Flavor: The enticing butterscotch flavor adds a delicious twist to intimate encounters, creating a more passionate and exhilarating experience for you and your partner. 2. Smooth Penetration: These condoms come pre-lubricated, ensuring effortless and smooth penetration, enhancing comfort and pleasure during intercourse. 3. Enhanced Stimulation: Specially molded 3-in-1 ribs, dots, and contours are strategically placed all over the surface of the condom, intensifying stimulation and transporting you and your partner to a euphoric world of ecstasy. 4. Prolonged Pleasure: Experience prolonged enjoyment in bed with Manforce Butterscotch Condoms. The carefully crafted design aims to extend the duration of your intimate moments, adding extra fun and excitement to your encounters. Additional Information: - Sugar-Free and Safe: These condoms are sugar-free, eliminating any concerns about unwanted calories or discomfort caused by sugary flavors. - Matched Scents and Flavors: The color of these condoms perfectly complements the enticing scents and flavors, enhancing the overall sensory experience and making it even more enjoyable. - Protection against Pregnancy and Diseases: Manforce Butterscotch Condoms not only heighten pleasure but also provide reliable protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Experience the tantalizing fusion of pleasure and safety with Manforce Butterscotch Condoms. Take your intimate moments to new heights and indulge in an unforgettable encounter filled with passion, excitement, and peace of mind.

$ 1.27
Chocolate Condoms condom 1mgChocolate Condoms

**Product Description: Extra Dotted Chocolate Condoms** Extra Dotted Chocolate Condoms are highly favored and preferred among women seeking enhanced pleasure during intimate moments. Crafted with meticulous precision, each condom undergoes rigorous testing before being packaged. It is recommended to store these condoms in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat, to maintain their quality and effectiveness. Designed to stimulate the senses, these condoms feature strategically placed raised dots on the outer surface. These dots not only increase sensation but also create extra friction, ultimately intensifying stimulation for both partners. The delightful chocolate flavor further enhances the pleasure and intimacy of the experience. In addition to their sensory benefits, these condoms are easy to use and made from high-quality rubber. They are also gentle on the skin, ensuring optimal performance without any adverse effects. The incorporation of a special cooling lubricant adds a scintillating sensation, elevating the overall experience of wearing these condoms. With Extra Dotted Chocolate Condoms, you can confidently double the fun and pleasure during sexual intercourse, making each encounter a memorable and fulfilling experience.

$ 1.27
Clarina Anti-Acne Face cream® ghrita-kumari, manjishtha, vatada 30gClarina Anti-acne Face Cream

The Clarina Anti-Acne Cream possesses a range of beneficial properties including antimicrobial, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-scar, and antioxidant effects. These qualities work together to effectively combat acne and ensure its prevention.

$ 7.99
Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash gel® ghrita-kumari, nimba, haridra 60mlClarina Anti-acne Face Wash Gel

Clarinex Anti-Acne Facial Cleansing Gel effectively tackles the underlying causes of acne by regulating sebum production. This top-quality product contains a blend of natural herbal components that provide enriching benefits for the skin.

$ 6.65
Сlear Complexion Whitening Face Wash® saffron, pomegranate, licorice, white dammer 100gClear Complexion Whitening Face Wash

$ 9.98
Complete Care Toothpaste® herbal extracts 40gComplete Care Toothpaste

$ 4.39
Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash® apricot, aloe vera, red lentil, neem 100mlDeep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash

Introducing the revitalizing Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash®! This remarkable product, meticulously designed for optimal skincare, offers a gentle yet effective solution to your skin's needs. With its unique formulation, this face wash delicately eliminates dead skin cells and effortlessly unclogs pores, unveiling a complexion that is irresistibly soft and flawlessly smooth. Say goodbye to the pesky presence of blackheads and bid farewell to the unwelcome return of acne. Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash® is here to ensure that your skin remains blemish-free and radiant. This extraordinary face wash goes beyond ordinary cleansing, offering a comprehensive approach to skincare that you can trust. Indulge in the refreshing sensation as the rich lather of this face wash envelops your skin, leaving it feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. The gentle exfoliation provided by its apricot-infused formula reveals a refreshed and revitalized complexion that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the day. With each use of Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash®, you can expect a deep and thorough cleanse that purifies your skin from within. This exceptional product is meticulously crafted to ensure that your skin receives the care and attention it deserves. Unlock the secret to a clearer, healthier, and more vibrant complexion with this transformative face wash. Embrace the power of Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash® and let it become an essential part of your skincare routine. Discover the joy of softer, smoother, and more luminous skin as you bid farewell to dead skin cells, unclog your pores, and prevent the recurrence of acne. Trust in the expertise of this online pharmacy's specialized product card compilation and embark on a journey towards skin perfection.

$ 7.98
Fairness Kesar Face Wash® pomegranate, kesar, cucumber, mint 100mlFairness Kesar Face Wash

$ 8.32
Hiforce® delay lidocaine 20gHiforce Delay

Hiforce® delay spray is an exclusive non-prescription product meticulously developed to address the prevalent issue of premature ejaculation in men. Its innovative formula incorporates lidocaine, a localized anesthetic known for its gentle numbing properties. By diminishing sensitivity, this remarkable spray enables men to enjoy prolonged sexual encounters. Despite its mild sensation, it does not compromise the overall pleasure experienced during intimacy. This safe, potent, and user-friendly solution can be effortlessly applied. Simply administer 1-4 sprays onto the penis, delicately massage it in a circular motion, and allow it to settle for a duration of 15 minutes.

$ 9.99
Hiowna-jr Chocolate® ragi, maricha, mandukaparni, amalaki, peeyusha 200gHiowna-jr Chocolate

Hiowna-jr Chocolate®

$ 17.48
Honey And Cream Soap® honey, milk 75gHoney And Cream Soap

#### Product Description: Honey and Cream Soap The Honey and Cream Soap is a unique product enriched with the goodness of milk, honey, and cream. It is designed to nourish, moisturize, soothe, and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and supple. **Key Features:** - Enriched with milk: The soap contains milk, which is known for its nourishing properties. Milk helps to moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated. - Soothing honey extracts: The soap also contains extracts of honey, which have soothing properties. Honey helps to calm and soothe the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. - Hydrating cream: Cream is another key ingredient in the soap. Cream helps to hydrate the skin and maintain its moisture balance. - Soft and supple skin: With regular use, the Honey and Cream Soap keeps the skin soft, smooth, and supple. **Usage Instructions:** 1. Wet your skin with water. 2. Apply the Honey and Cream Soap to your body, face, or hands. 3. Gently massage the soap onto your skin, creating a lather. 4. Rinse thoroughly with water. 5. Pat your skin dry with a towel. **Precautions:** - For external use only. - Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. - Discontinue use if irritation occurs. **Product Composition:** - Milk: Nourishes and moisturizes the skin. - Honey Extracts: Soothes and hydrates the skin. - Cream: Hydrates and maintains the moisture balance of the skin. **Note:** The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional or dermatologist for personalized recommendations.

$ 4.98
Jasmine Condoms condom 1mgJasmine Condoms

$ 1.27
Koflet Syrup® licorice , holy basil, honey 100mlKoflet Syrup

Introducing Koflet Syrup®, a remarkable Ayurvedic solution for soothing coughs. Crafted from a combination of renowned Ayurvedic herbs, such as Tulasi and Vasaka, this exceptional syrup offers effective relief. Not only does it alleviate cough symptoms, but it is also known for its potential in bolstering the body's natural immune system. Experience the benefits of this herbal remedy today.

$ 10.97
Lukol® dhataki, shatavari, punarnava 1mgLukol

The specialist in online pharmacy is tasked with creating unique product descriptions. Here's a revised version of the text you provided: "Lukol® offers a range of beneficial properties, including its tonic effect and effective actions against microbes. This Ayurvedic herbal formulation not only helps in controlling white discharge but also alleviates uncomfortable itching and burning sensations. With its remarkable antimicrobial and astringent characteristics, Lukol® is an excellent choice for those seeking relief."

$ 0.16
Menosan® shatavari, ashoka, yashtimadhu 1mgMenosan

Menosan® is a remarkable herbal remedy meticulously formulated to alleviate the discomfort and symptoms commonly experienced during perimenopause. Offering a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy, Menosan® serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from this transitional phase in their lives. Crafted with a unique blend of carefully selected herbs, Menosan® has been curated by our team of experts to provide effective relief from perimenopausal symptoms. Its exceptional formula aims to address various challenges like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and irregular periods, which are often encountered during this period of hormonal fluctuations. This herbal marvel harnesses the power of nature to restore balance within the body, gently easing the distressing symptoms that can disrupt daily life. Menosan® offers a holistic approach, catering to the overall well-being of women entering this significant stage of life. As a specialist dedicated to compiling product cards for an esteemed online pharmacy, it is with great satisfaction that we present Menosan® as a solution for those seeking a herbal remedy to manage perimenopausal symptoms. Embrace this exceptional herbal alternative and experience the respite you deserve during this transformative phase.

$ 0.44
Micogel® miconazole 2% 15gMicogel

$ 89.98
Natural Intensive Lip Balm® almond, olive, honey, apple, winter cherry 4.5gNatural Intensive Lip Balm

Introducing the remarkable Himalaya's Natural Intensive Lip Balm®, a true savior for sore and cracked lips, particularly during the chilly winter season. Brimming with a harmonious blend of herbal extracts including Apple Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Winter Cherry, this exceptional lip balm safeguards your delicate lips from dryness and discomfort. Moreover, the infusion of soothing Honey ensures optimal moisturization, granting your lips an added layer of protection to keep them perfectly hydrated. Embrace the nourishing power of Himalaya's Natural Intensive Lip Balm® and experience unparalleled care for your precious lips.

$ 5.99
Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash® lemon, honey 150mlOil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash

The Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash® is a unique soap-free product available at our online pharmacy. It is expertly formulated with natural herbal ingredients to provide a gentle yet effective cleansing experience for your face. This face wash is specifically designed to target excess oil on the skin. Infused with the refreshing properties of Lemon, known for its astringent and cooling effects, and enriched with the deep cleansing properties of Honey, this face wash offers a comprehensive solution for oily skin. It effectively removes impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. One of the key benefits of this face wash is its ability to cleanse without causing dryness or tightness. The gentle formulation ensures that your skin remains hydrated and nourished, even after cleansing. You can enjoy the benefits of a thorough cleanse without compromising the natural moisture balance of your skin. In summary, the Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash® is a soap-free, herbal formulation that gently cleanses your face and removes excess oil. With the natural properties of Lemon and Honey, this face wash is suitable for oily skin types, leaving your skin clean, refreshed, and balanced.

$ 11.47
Pill Splitter splitter 1mgPill Splitter

As an expert specializing in creating product profiles for an online pharmacy, it is important to acknowledge the escalating costs of pharmaceuticals. By understanding the intricacies of drug manufacturing and pricing, individuals can unlock significant savings. It is worth noting that a substantial portion of pharmaceutical expenses is allocated towards research and marketing rather than manufacturing. Interestingly, many drugs are priced uniformly regardless of their dosage strengths. This deliberate approach ensures that healthcare professionals are not influenced by cost when determining the appropriate quantity of medication to prescribe. Consequently, patients have the opportunity to optimize savings by ordering larger pills that contain double the recommended dose. By carefully splitting the pill in half, up to 50% of the cost can be saved without compromising the prescribed treatment.

$ 2.95
Pink Condoms condom 1mgPink Condoms

Manforce Pink Bubblegum Flavored Condom is a premium colored condom that offers more than just protection against unwanted pregnancies and STDs. It has revolutionized the way we experience intimacy by introducing new flavors, sensations, and varieties in the bedroom. With a smooth and natural feel, it enhances pleasure for both partners. The condom is coated with a lubricant that facilitates penetration and enhances sexual performance.

$ 1.27
Reeflec V reeflec v 50gReeflec V

Introducing Reeflec V - a remarkable vaginal tightening cream available at the online pharmacy. Created by Lasky Herbal, this unique product aims to restore youthfulness and bring back the vagina to its original shape while enhancing the tightening sensation and sensitivity. Reeflec V offers several key features that make it stand out. Firstly, it naturally firms and tightens the vagina, providing both pleasure and comfort simultaneously. With the inclusion of estrogen, it helps restore lubrication, effectively addressing the issue of vaginal dryness. Additionally, this cream aids in restoring the suppleness of the vagina, increasing vaginal secretion and contraction of the vaginal channel. Moreover, Reeflec V acts as an anti-inflammatory cream, effectively reducing swelling and eliminating unpleasant odors. It also provides protection against microbial pathogens and vaginal fungus, ensuring a healthy environment. Notably, this cream has the incredible ability to contract and reshape the vaginal walls, intensifying intimate pleasure for a more fulfilling experience. Each bottle of Reeflec V contains 50 grams of this herbal substance, making it a reliable choice for those seeking vaginal rejuvenation.

$ 29.99
Sensitive Toothpaste® miswak, almond, spinach, menthol 80gSensitive Toothpaste

Introducing Sensitive Toothpaste® - an invigorating herbal toothpaste designed to ensure comprehensive dental care. This unique formulation aims to strengthen gums, reduce swelling and gum bleeding, alleviate toothache, prevent tooth decay, and effectively combat bad breath. Sensitive Toothpaste® provides a refreshing sensation while offering a holistic approach to oral hygiene. Its carefully selected herbal ingredients work synergistically to deliver remarkable benefits. By tightening the gums and promoting healthy circulation, this toothpaste actively contributes to overall gum health. With its superior formula, Sensitive Toothpaste® actively combats common oral issues. It effectively prevents toothache by strengthening the tooth enamel and providing an additional layer of protection. Decay is kept at bay through the powerful combination of natural ingredients that work harmoniously to fortify teeth against harmful bacteria. Not only does Sensitive Toothpaste® address gum and tooth concerns, but it also neutralizes bad breath. Its potent components act as a shield against odor-causing particles, ensuring long-lasting freshness and confidence throughout the day. Experience the exceptional care and benefits of Sensitive Toothpaste®, the go-to choice for individuals seeking a reliable dental solution.

$ 6.65
Silagra® sildenafil citrate 100mgSilagra

Silagra® stands as a comparable alternative to Viagra®, crafted by Cipla. In a parallel manner to Viagra®, Silagra® serves as a remedy for Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence.

$ 1.40
Strawberry Condoms condom 1mgStrawberry Condoms

**Manforce Strawberry Flavoured Extra Dotted Condom: A Safe and Sensual Choice** The Manforce Strawberry Flavoured Extra Dotted Condom offers couples the opportunity to engage in safe and pleasurable sexual experiences. With its enticing strawberry flavor and vibrant pink color, this condom is designed to enhance intimacy and sensuality. **Enhanced Sensuality and Pleasure** Featuring extra dots on the outside, this condom provides a unique texture that intensifies sensations for both partners. The strategically placed dots heighten pleasure and add a touch of sensual style to the experience. By doing so, it breaks away from the monotony of plain condoms and adds an element of excitement to your intimate moments. **Protection and Peace of Mind** While ensuring maximum pleasure, this strawberry-flavored contraceptive effectively prevents unwanted pregnancy. It allows you to enjoy your sexual encounters without compromising on safety. Its reliable design provides a strong barrier against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and offers full protection against HIV. **Aromatic Delight and Comfort** One of the remarkable features of this condom is its ability to suppress the natural smell of latex. This allows you to explore the pleasures of oral sex without any unpleasant distractions. The sweet tang of strawberry adds a delightful aroma to the experience, further enhancing the eroticism of the moment. **Quality and Safety Assurance** Manufactured in accordance with the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), this condom ensures a high standard of quality and safety. Its latex composition provides lubrication, facilitating pain-free intercourse and reducing the risk of vaginal blisters and other penile infections. **Conclusion** The Manforce Strawberry Flavoured Extra Dotted Condom combines safety, pleasure, and innovation. Its unique features, including the enticing strawberry flavor, extra dots for enhanced sensuality, and reliable protection against pregnancy and STIs, make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a safe and exciting sexual experience. Trust in this product's quality and adherence to international standards for a satisfying and worry-free intimate encounter.

$ 1.27
Styplon® anantamul, lodhra, pravala pishti, amalaki 1mgStyplon

Styplon® is a remarkable herbal styptic known for its astringent properties. It aids in the management of bleeding in various situations, such as bleeding gums and nosebleeds.

$ 0.31
Tadacip® tadalafil 20mgTadacip

#### Product Card: Tadacip® by Cipla Tadacip® is a medication manufactured by Cipla that is used for treating male impotence. It is considered an alternative to the well-known Cialis brand. Tadacip® contains the active ingredient Tadalafil, which belongs to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. These medications work by increasing blood flow to the penis, allowing for a stronger and longer-lasting erection. Please note that Tadacip® should only be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and any additional instructions provided by your doctor. If you have any specific questions or concerns about Tadacip® or any other medications, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or pharmacist for personalized advice. [Source 1]

$ 2.22
Tadalis® Sx tadalafil 20mgTadalis Sx

Tadalis® Sx is a highly effective solution for individuals experiencing sexual function issues like Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. This remarkable product, meticulously crafted by Ajanta, has gained recognition for its outstanding performance in improving overall sexual health. The key component responsible for its efficacy is Tadalafil, which is also found in the renowned medication Cialis®. With Tadalis® Sx, customers can experience enhanced sexual experiences and regain confidence in their intimate relationships.

$ 1.50
Tentex Forte® kapikachchu, gokshura, shilajeet, ashvagandha 1mgTentex Forte

Tentex forte® stands as a reliable tablet-based sexual stimulant, ensuring utmost safety and drawing upon the power of natural herbs through an Ayurvedic composition. This unique formulation has been extensively tested and proven effective through numerous clinical trials and studies.

$ 0.36
V-gel® triphala, shataptari, cardamon 30gV-gel

#### V-gel®: A Safe Herbal Therapy for Vaginal Infections V-gel® is a unique herbal therapy designed to safely treat vaginal infections and provide relief from symptoms such as itching, smelly discharge, and discomfort. It offers a cooling and soothing effect on the vagina, promoting overall vaginal health and well-being. V-gel® is formulated with natural ingredients known for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients work synergistically to combat vaginal infections and restore the natural balance of the vaginal flora. By addressing the root cause of the infection, V-gel® helps alleviate symptoms and supports the body's natural healing process. **Key Benefits of V-gel®:** - Safe and effective herbal therapy for vaginal infections. - Relieves itching and discomfort associated with vaginal infections. - Controls smelly discharge, promoting a fresh and clean feeling. - Provides a cooling and soothing effect on the vagina. V-gel® is a trusted product that has been used by many women to effectively manage vaginal infections. Its natural formulation makes it a gentle and well-tolerated option for those seeking an alternative to conventional treatments. Please note that while V-gel® can provide relief from symptoms, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific condition. For more information about V-gel® and its usage, please refer to the product packaging or consult a healthcare professional.

$ 9.99
Vigora® sildenafil citrate 100mgVigora

Vigora® stands as a formidable counterpart to Viagra®, harnessing the power of Sildenafil Citrate to address impotence with efficacy. Crafted by the esteemed German Remedies Ltd based in India, Vigora® mirrors the renowned properties of Viagra® in combating erectile dysfunction.

$ 2.00
Zenegra® sildenafil citrate 100mgZenegra

$ 0.80
Avana® avanafil 50mg /100mg /200mgAvana

Avana® is the proprietary brand of Avanafil developed by Sunrise Remedies. This medication effectively relaxes muscles and promotes enhanced blood circulation to specific regions of the body. It is primarily prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as impotence.

$ 3.62
Almond And Rose Soap® almond oil, persian rose 75gAlmond And Rose Soap

**Almond And Rose Soap® - A Nourishing and Revitalizing Soap for Daily Use** Introducing Almond And Rose Soap®, a fantastic daily use soap specially formulated to moisturize and soothe your skin. This unique soap combines the nourishing properties of Almond with the refreshing benefits of Rose extracts, providing a truly rejuvenating experience for your skin. **Nourishing Almond for Ultimate Moisture** Almond, renowned for its incredible moisturizing properties, works wonders in replenishing and hydrating your skin. The rich almond extracts in this soap deeply penetrate the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and thoroughly nourished. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a radiant, moisturized complexion with Almond And Rose Soap®. **Revitalizing Rose for a Cooling Sensation** The refreshing Rose extracts in this soap offer a delightful cooling sensation, giving your skin a much-needed boost of vitality. Rose has long been cherished for its ability to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and invigorated. With Almond And Rose Soap®, you can indulge in a luxurious bathing experience while enjoying the soothing benefits of Rose. **Experience the Goodness of Almond And Rose Soap®** Almond And Rose Soap® is your ideal companion for a daily skincare routine. Its unique blend of Almond and Rose extracts ensures that your skin receives the utmost care and attention it deserves. This soap not only moisturizes and nourishes but also soothes and revitalizes, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a healthy and radiant complexion. **Conclusion** With Almond And Rose Soap® by your side, you can embrace a skincare routine that combines the goodness of Almond and the refreshing properties of Rose. Treat your skin to a truly nourishing and revitalizing experience, and let the magic of Almond And Rose Soap® transform your daily bathing routine into a luxurious self-care ritual.

$ 4.98
Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil® bhringaraja, amalaki 100mlAnti Hair Fall Hair Oil

$ 6.98
Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream® tea tree oil, tulsi 100gAnti-dandruff Hair Cream

Introducing the remarkable Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream®, an exquisite hair solution formulated to combat dandruff, relieve itching, and effectively prevent its reappearance. This exceptional product combines the natural powerhouses of Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Coriander, working synergistically to keep dandruff at bay, ensuring a healthier scalp and lustrous hair. With its unique blend of potent ingredients, this hair cream offers a revitalizing and soothing experience. Tea Tree Oil, known for its anti-fungal properties, targets the root cause of dandruff, assisting in its elimination. The invigorating Rosemary Oil promotes blood circulation in the scalp, promoting optimal hair growth while reducing the discomfort associated with itching. Complemented by the refreshing essence of Coriander, this cream provides a delightful fragrance that enhances the overall sensory experience. The Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream® is crafted with utmost care and consideration for those seeking a natural and effective solution. Its gentle yet powerful formula not only fights against existing dandruff but also helps prevent its recurrence. Regular use of this exceptional cream will leave your scalp rejuvenated, itch-free, and your hair looking effortlessly beautiful. Indulge in the luxurious experience that the Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream® provides. Say goodbye to bothersome dandruff and embrace a confident, flake-free future.

$ 6.65
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo® tea tree oil, aloe vera 100mlAnti-dandruff Shampoo

The Himalaya brand presents its remarkable product - Anti-Dandruff Shampoo®. Specially formulated to combat dandruff concerns, this shampoo takes a gentle yet effective approach in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. It goes beyond mere cleansing by nourishing and strengthening the hair roots. By utilizing a blend of natural ingredients, this unique formula ensures optimal moisture levels for the hair, preventing dryness and discomfort. The shampoo tackles the root causes of dandruff, including the Malassezia fungus and dry scalp issues, without causing any harm or damage to the hair. Himalaya's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo® stands out with its powerful combination of herbal components such as Tea Tree Oil, Chickpea, and Aloe Vera. These potent ingredients work harmoniously to effectively control dandruff while simultaneously providing nourishment to every strand of hair. Experience the joy of having a healthy scalp and beautiful hair with Himalaya's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Say goodbye to dandruff worries and embrace the benefits of this exceptional hair care solution.

$ 6.65
Apcalis® Oral Jelly tadalafil 20mgApcalis Oral Jelly

Apcalis® jelly, developed by Ajantha Pharmaceuticals, serves as an effective solution for men dealing with erectile dysfunction. This product provides a reliable alternative to both brand and generic versions of Cialis, delivering promising results. Apcalis® jelly is available in two delightful flavors - Mango and Orange, enhancing the overall experience for its users. With its proven track record, this product holds great potential in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and enabling a satisfying intimate life.

$ 3.25
Black Grapes Condoms condom 1mgBlack Grapes Condoms

Manforce Black Grapes Extra Dotted Condoms offer a unique experience that sparks the imagination. With its extra dotted design, it leaves your partner wanting more. Say goodbye to the notion that grapes are always sour - these condoms bring a new dimension to your intimate moments. Manforce's Wild Black Grapes Flavour Condoms are crafted with high-quality materials, providing both comfort and safety for your delicate skin. The careful construction of these condoms ensures protection during intercourse. The enticing wild black grapes flavor adds a stimulating element to you and your partner's love-making session, enhancing the overall experience.

$ 1.27
Bonnispaz® bishop’s weed, caraway, ginger 15mlBonnispaz

Introducing Bonnispaz®, a remarkable herbal remedy specifically designed to alleviate spasms and colic in infants. This exceptional product, recommended by medical professionals, offers a safe and natural solution to provide relief for your little one. Bonnispaz® is a unique phytopharmaceutical that is composed of carefully selected herbs, known for their soothing properties. It is expertly formulated to target and ease the discomfort caused by spasms and colic in infants. With its gentle and effective herbal ingredients, Bonnispaz® provides a holistic approach to managing these common issues. One of the standout features of Bonnispaz® is its safety profile. This herbal medicine is crafted using natural ingredients, ensuring that it is gentle on your baby's delicate system. It offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional medications, providing peace of mind for parents who prefer a more holistic approach to infant care. When it comes to your precious little one's well-being, trust the doctor-recommended Bonnispaz®. Its herbal composition makes it a reliable and effective choice for alleviating spasms and colic in infants. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and fussy moments, and hello to a more relaxed and content baby. In conclusion, Bonnispaz® is an exceptional herbal medicine that is both safe and doctor-recommended. With its unique blend of herbs, it offers a natural and effective solution to ease spasms and colic in infants. Choose Bonnispaz® and provide your baby with the relief they deserve.

$ 4.39
Caverta® sildenafil citrate 50mg /100mgCaverta

**Product Description: Caverta® - Affordable Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension** Caverta®, developed by Sun Pharmaceutical, is a trusted brand of Sildenafil Citrate, offering an affordable solution for individuals dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and pulmonary arterial hypertension. This Indian generic drug is available in two dosages: 50mg and 100mg of sildenafil. **Effective and Reliable** Caverta® stands out for its remarkable characteristics and efficiency in treating ED. It is a reliable alternative to the more expensive famous brands, such as Viagra. Individuals who are seeking a cost-effective solution for their ED treatment can benefit from Caverta® without compromising on performance. **Caverta®: A Viagra Analogue** With its active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, Caverta® delivers comparable results to the renowned Viagra. This makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer not to pay exorbitant prices for ED medications. Caverta® ensures that users can experience the desired effects without the need for a higher price tag. **Conclusion** Caverta® by Sun Pharmaceutical is an Indian generic drug that offers an affordable solution for individuals seeking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. With its reliable performance and cost-effectiveness, Caverta® provides a viable alternative to more expensive brands while delivering comparable results.

$ 5.50
Cialis® tadalafil 20mgBrand Cialis

$ 9.67
Clarina Anti-Acne Face mask® ghrita-kumari, jalavetasa, haridra 75mlClarina Anti-acne Face Mask

$ 6.65
Сlarina Anti-Acne kit® ghrita-kumari, nimba, haridra 1mgClarina Anti-acne Kit

The Clarina Anti-Acne kit® is meticulously designed to prevent excess sebum production and target the underlying factors of acne. This innovative kit boasts a rich infusion of herbal ingredients, carefully selected to offer a holistic approach to combating acne.

$ 19.95
Coffee Condoms condom 1mgCoffee Condoms

**Coffee Condoms - Experience Maximum Pleasure with Manforce Flavored Condoms** Introducing an exciting addition to the world of intimate pleasure - Coffee Condoms! Specially crafted by Manforce, these condoms are designed to enhance your experience and take it to new heights. With their unique features and tantalizing flavors, these colored condoms are sure to ignite your senses. Revolutionary Technology for Unmatched Sensation Manforce Coffee Condoms are not your ordinary condoms. They are manufactured using revolutionary technology, making them stand out from the rest. These condoms are dotted, ribbed, and contoured, providing a texture that intensifies pleasure and guarantees a memorable experience for both you and your partner. Unparalleled Protection and Pleasure When it comes to your safety and enjoyment, Manforce leaves no stone unturned. Each of these lubricated condoms undergoes rigorous electronic testing to ensure maximum protection against unwanted surprises. With Manforce Coffee Condoms, you can indulge in your desires with complete peace of mind. An Intoxicating Aroma and Taste Imagine the enticing aroma of coffee permeating the air as you embark on a passionate encounter. Manforce Coffee Condoms bring this intoxicating experience to life. The captivating aroma and taste of coffee will tantalize your senses, heightening the pleasure and creating an unforgettable connection between you and your partner. Optimum Elasticity for Comfortable Fit Manforce understands the importance of a perfect fit. These condoms are designed with optimum elasticity, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for every individual. No matter what your size or shape, Manforce Coffee Condoms will provide a snug fit that enhances your pleasure and lets you focus on the moment. **Experience the Unique Pleasure of Manforce Coffee Condoms** Dive into a world of heightened pleasure and unforgettable sensations with Manforce Coffee Condoms. Indulge in the enticing aroma and taste of coffee while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology and superior protection. With these unique condoms, your intimate moments will never be the same again. So, why wait? Embrace the pleasure that Manforce Coffee Condoms have to offer and ignite the passion in your life.

$ 1.27
Cucumber And Coconut Soap® cucumber, coconut soap 75gCucumber And Coconut Soap

$ 4.98
Evecare® shatavari, lodhra, vasalaka, ashoka 1mgEvecare

Evecare® is a remarkable product designed to bring balance to the menstrual cycle while effectively managing excessive pain. This unique formulation incorporates the renowned Ayurvedic herb, Ashoka, known for its exceptional properties in promoting fertility and regulating menstruation. Additionally, Evecare® offers valuable hematinic properties that can aid in alleviating the symptoms of anemia. Experience the benefits of Evecare® as it harmonizes your body's natural rhythm and enhances your overall well-being.

$ 0.31
Green Apple Condoms condom 1mgGreen Apple Condoms

The specialist skillfully crafts product descriptions for an esteemed online pharmacy. In this enticing rendition, the allure of green apple flavor enhances the intimate encounters one can have with these exceptional condoms. The remarkable taste lingers delicately, leaving a pleasant tingling sensation that endures, heightening the overall pleasure. As an added delight, these condoms are thoughtfully designed with raised dots. These textured condoms feature gentle ridges along their surface, creating an unforgettable experience for both partners. The desire for continued satisfaction will flourish, as these condoms surpass expectations, reinvigorating one's sexual desires. Without hesitation, indulge in these extraordinary condoms to embark on an extraordinary journey of passion and fulfillment.

$ 1.27
Himplasia® gokshura, puga, varuna 1mgHimplasia

Himplasia®, an exceptional product available at the online pharmacy, tackles common issues faced by elderly men such as frequent urination and difficulties in the urination process. With its unique formulation, Himplasia® effectively reduces bothersome symptoms and enhances urinary flow, providing individuals with greater control and minimizing instances of dribbling. Experience the benefits of Himplasia® and regain your comfort and confidence today.

$ 0.31
Hiowna-jr Vanilla® ragi, maricha, mandukaparni, amalaki, peeyusha 200gHiowna-jr Vanilla

$ 17.48
Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion® country mallow, aloe vera, indian madder 100mlIntensive Face Moisturizing Lotion

Intensive face moisturizing lotion® is a specially formulated product designed to cater to the needs of extra dry skin. Even individuals with normal skin can benefit from using this lotion during the dry winter months when a regular moisturizing lotion may not be sufficient. It contains nourishing ingredients such as Aloe vera, Indian Madder, and Country Mallow, which provide essential nutrients and enzymes to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. This lotion is recommended for those with extra dry skin, especially during winters or after exposure to environmental extremes, pollutants, and temperature variations. The key ingredients include Sida cordifolia (Country Mallow, Bala), Aloe barbadensis (Barbados Aloe, Kumari), and Rubia cordifolia (Indian Madder, Manjishtha).

$ 7.65
Kamagra® Soft sildenafil citrate 100mgKamagra Soft

**Kamagra® Soft: An Introduction to a Variety of Flavors** Kamagra® Soft, a well-known alternative to Viagra® Soft tabs, offers a unique twist to the traditional medication experience. With its diverse range of flavors, including Strawberry, Orange, Banana, and Pineapple, all conveniently packaged in a single blister pack, Kamagra® Soft provides a delightful and customizable treatment option for individuals seeking enhanced performance. Unlike traditional tablets, Kamagra® Soft is designed to be chewable, enabling faster dissolution and absorption into the bloodstream. As a result, users often experience the desired effects within a shorter timeframe, typically within 15-20 minutes. With Kamagra® Soft, individuals can now enjoy the benefits of a trusted medication while savoring the added pleasure of different flavors. Whether it's the refreshing taste of Strawberry, the tanginess of Orange, the sweetness of Banana, or the tropical essence of Pineapple, each Kamagra® Soft tablet offers a delightful journey towards improved performance and increased satisfaction. Please note that this information is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice.

$ 2.00
Levitra® vardenafil 20mgBrand Levitra

**Levitra®: A Medication for Male Impotence** In the realm of pharmaceuticals, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. proudly presents Levitra®, a trusted medication specifically designed to address male Impotence. This innovative solution aims to assist individuals in achieving and sustaining firm erections, ultimately enhancing their overall sexual experience. With its unique formulation and meticulous manufacturing processes, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. has developed Levitra® to provide optimal results for those seeking an effective treatment for male Impotence. By targeting the underlying causes of erectile difficulties, this medication works to facilitate the necessary blood flow to the penile region, enabling men to achieve and maintain erections for a satisfying sexual encounter. Levitra® is a testament to Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp.'s commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of individuals facing the challenges of male Impotence. Through rigorous research and development, the company has created a reliable solution that is both safe and efficient in addressing this common concern. Whether it's the desire to reignite intimacy or the pursuit of a fulfilling sexual relationship, Levitra® stands as a beacon of hope for individuals experiencing Impotence. Its proven effectiveness and commitment to quality make it a valuable choice for those seeking a reliable solution to their erectile difficulties. Please note that this information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. It is always recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before starting any medication.

$ 10.00
Medexil® sildenafil citrate 75mgMedexil

**Medexil - An Indian Brand by Rescuers Life Sciences Ltd.: A Leading Erectile Dysfunction Medication** Medexil, an esteemed Indian brand developed by Rescuers Life Sciences Ltd., offers a highly effective solution for individuals seeking relief from erectile dysfunction. This renowned medication is known as Viagra, a premier choice for combating the challenges of this condition. Each pill of Medexil contains a carefully measured dosage of 75mg of sildenafil, the active ingredient responsible for its exceptional efficacy. With years of dedicated research and development, Medexil has emerged as a trusted brand in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment. Rescuers Life Sciences Ltd. has meticulously formulated this medication to provide a safe and reliable solution for individuals seeking enhanced sexual experiences. **Please note: It is important to consult a healthcare professional before beginning any medication regimen, including Medexil. They can provide personalized advice and guidance based on individual needs and medical history.**

$ 0.55
Mentat Syrup® madhukaparni, brahmi, ashvagandha 200mlMentat Syrup

Introducing the Mentat Syrup®, an exceptional brain tonic meticulously crafted from a blend of powerful Ayurvedic herbs, notably including Ashwagandha. This remarkable formulation is renowned for its ability to alleviate anxiety and promote a profound sense of tranquility. Moreover, it enhances mental focus and heightens alertness, making it an invaluable addition to one's daily routine. The Mentat Syrup® stands out among other products due to its unique composition of potent Ayurvedic botanicals. Ashwagandha, in particular, has gained significant recognition for its remarkable properties in promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety levels. By incorporating this herb into the formula, the Mentat Syrup® offers a natural and effective solution for individuals seeking a sense of calm amidst the demands of everyday life. In addition to its anxiety-relieving effects, the Mentat Syrup® also holds the power to improve mental concentration and enhance overall cognitive performance. Those who seek to optimize their mental acuity can rely on this carefully curated tonic to provide them with the necessary support to excel in their tasks. The creators of Mentat Syrup® have harnessed the wisdom of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, to formulate a unique product that taps into the innate potential of natural ingredients. By synergistically blending these Ayurvedic herbs, the Mentat Syrup® acts as a catalyst for cognitive well-being, unlocking the mind's true capabilities. Experience the difference with Mentat Syrup®, a remarkable brain tonic that harmonizes nature and science to deliver unparalleled benefits. Discover the power of Ayurvedic wisdom combined with modern knowledge, providing you with a holistic approach to cognitive enhancement and emotional balance. Embrace the journey of unlocking your full mental potential with Mentat Syrup® today, and witness the transformative effects firsthand.

$ 12.47
Mucopain® bemzocaine 20% 15gMucopain

$ 12.47
Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash® lemon, honey 100mlOil Clear Lemon Face Wash

$ 7.98
Pill Organizer organizer 1mgPill Organizer

Introducing a compact and practical plastic organizer designed to assist individuals with their daily medication routine. This user-friendly product ensures that medicines, vitamins, and other essential capsules can be conveniently managed throughout the week. Featuring seven labeled daily organizers, each compartment securely stores pills, tablets, or capsules for every day of the week. The compact design and ease of use make it an ideal solution for elderly individuals and chronic patients who require daily medication. Simplify your medication regimen with this reliable and efficient organizer from our online pharmacy.

$ 29.95
Pineapple Condoms condom 1mgPineapple Condoms

Stay Long Pineapple Condoms are a remarkable product created with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit. Embrace the unrivaled pleasure of your most intimate moments by indulging in the enticing pineapple Flavor Condoms offered by Manforce. These condoms have undergone rigorous electronic testing to ensure heightened pleasure and maximum protection. The captivating aroma and taste of pineapple will undoubtedly stimulate your partner's senses. Rest assured, these condoms guarantee optimal elasticity, allowing for unrestricted enjoyment. Elevate your private time with your significant other by enhancing both the passion and satisfaction of your sexual encounters. Experience a truly unforgettable and safe experience with Stay Long Pineapple Condoms, making every moment with your partner more pleasurable and fulfilling.

$ 1.27
Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care® weak hair 100mlProtein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care

The Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care is a remarkable product that offers a myriad of advantages for maintaining and enhancing the health of one's hair. With its unique formulation, this shampoo effectively nourishes and strengthens the hair while minimizing hair fall and safeguarding against everyday damage. Specially designed to provide gentle cleansing, the Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care goes beyond the basics by supplying essential proteins that promote hair vitality. It is an excellent option for individuals seeking a daily hair wash routine as it caters to their specific needs. Immerse yourself in the invigorating experience of using the Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care. Not only does it cleanse your hair thoroughly, but it also revitalizes it, leaving your locks healthy, lustrous, and easily manageable. Discover the transformative power of this exceptional shampoo today.

$ 6.65
Revitalizing Night Cream® white lily, tomato 50gRevitalizing Night Cream

$ 11.99
Septilin Drop® guduchi, yashtimadhu, guggulu 60mlSeptilin Drop

$ 6.65
Sildigra® softgel sildenafil citrate 100mgSildigra Softgel

Sildigra Softgel Capsule is a specialized medication designed to address erectile dysfunction. This particular formulation comes in the form of soft gelatin capsules, providing a convenient and efficient way of administration. Each Sildigra soft gel capsule contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate, an active ingredient known for its effectiveness in treating impotence. What sets Sildigra Softgel Capsule apart from regular Viagra tablets is its unique composition. Referred to as Sildigra Super Active, this medication encloses the active ingredient in a liquid form within soft-gel capsules. When ingested, these capsules swiftly dissolve in the bloodstream, leading to a faster onset of action and facilitating quicker and more reliable erections. Please note that this medication should only be used under the guidance and prescription of a qualified healthcare professional. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and adhere to any precautions or warnings provided by your doctor.

$ 1.20
Strawberry Shine Lip Balm® strawberry, apricot 4.5gStrawberry Shine Lip Balm

The Strawberry Shine Lip Balm® stands out as India's pioneering lip balm that exclusively employs 100% natural color. Without the presence of preservatives or petroleum, this lip balm ensures a pure and chemical-free experience. Enriched with the nourishing properties of Strawberry Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, it effectively keeps your lips moisturized and prevents them from drying out, making it an ideal choice for maintaining healthy and conditioned lips.

$ 7.99
Suhagra® sildenafil citrate 100mgSuhagra

Suhagra® is a remarkable solution for addressing male impotence, offering effective treatment comparable to other renowned Sildenafil brands. It seamlessly complements the extensive selection of products available for erectile dysfunction (ED) therapy. Cipla, a reputable pharmaceutical company, proudly produces this exceptional brand medication.

$ 1.40
Tadagra® softgel tadalafil 20mgTadagra Softgel

Tadagra® soft gel capsule is a recommended oral medication for addressing Impotence in men. This product aids individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction by enabling them to achieve and sustain an erection for an extended duration. It serves as an excellent alternative for men who find it challenging to ingest conventional tablets.

$ 1.30
Talekt Syrup® nimba, haridra 120mlTalekt Syrup

Talekt Syrup® comprises exceptional botanical components known for their powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. These qualities make it highly effective in combating various forms of skin infections.

$ 9.97
Tentex Royal® gokshura, kokilaksha, vatada 1mgTentex Royal

Tentex Royal® represents a secure option for individuals seeking a natural sexual stimulant in the form of capsules. This herbal product is founded on an Ayurvedic formulation and has garnered recognition through numerous clinical trials and studies.

$ 0.72
Viagra® sildenafil citrate 100mgBrand Viagra

$ 9.00
Vrikshamla® vrikshalma (garcinia cambogia) 1mgVrikshalma

$ 0.18
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