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Nocdurna (desmopressin) is a prescription medicine used to treat people with diabetes insipidus and bedwetting.


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Nocdurna – Desmopressin – 60mcg

  • Brand: Minirin
  • Manufacturer:
  • Disease: Bed-wetting / Central Cranial Diabetes Insipidus / Increased Thirst / Increased Urination Caused By Head Surgery Or Head Trauma

It is not known if Nocdurna is safe and effective in children younger than 6 years of age. Do not take Nocdurna if you are allergic to desmopressin or any of the ingredients in Nocdurna. Before you start taking Nocdurna, tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, seizures, kidney problems, or cystic fibrosis. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and herbal supplements. Talk to your doctor before using any other medicines while taking Nocdurna as they may increase the risk of side effects such as low blood pressure and seizures.

Desmopressin acetate (trade name: DDAVP) has been available since 1984 for treatment of central diabetes insipidus, which results from lack of secretion by the posterior pituitary gland of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), also called vasopressin. In 1994 it was approved for use in children with bedwetting due to primary nocturnal enuresis.[4] The indication for adults was expanded later that year[5] followed by approval for pediatric use in 1997.[6][7][8] Desmopressin received U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval as a nasal spray formulation under the trade name Noctiva on November 2nd 2017 specifically indicated for adults with nocturia due to presumed Nocturnal Polyuria associated with congestive heart failure NYHA Class II – IV or chronic renal failure on hemodialysis OR an estimated creatinine clearance below 30 mL/min).[9],[10],[11],[12], DESMOPRESSIN IS AVAILABLE AS AN ORAL TABLET UNDER THE TRADE NAME CONVATEP FOR TREATMENT OF CENTRAL DIABETES INSIPIDUS AND NOCTURNAL BEDWETTING IN PEDIATRIC PATIENTS AGED 6 YEARS AND OLDER

Frequently asked Questions

How effective is Nocdurna?

It is a synthetic form of the hormone vasopressin, which is naturally produced by the body. Nocdurna helps to reduce urine production, making it less likely that someone will wet the bed.

There are many benefits to using Nocdurna for bedwetting. First, it is very effective in stopping or reducing leaks and accidents. In clinical trials, over 80% of patients who took Nocdurna had no more leaks or accidents after taking the drug for just four weeks. Second, Nocdurna has a quick onset of action; most people see results within one week of starting treatment. Third, it is well tolerated with few side effects; most people experience only minor nasal congestion or headaches while taking Nocdurna. Finally, unlike some other treatments for bedwetting such as surgery or electrical stimulation therapy, there are no long-term risks associated with using this drug.

If you are considering using Nocdurna to treat your child’s bedwetting problem, talk to your doctor about whether this medication would be an appropriate option for him or her. Your doctor can help you weigh the pros and cons of treatment with this drug and can also advise you on how best to use it so that you get the best possible results

How much does Nocdurna cost?

It is a nasal spray and it helps the body to make less urine. Nocdurna may also help people who wet the bed at night, or those who have to go to the bathroom often during the day.

Where can I buy Nocdurna?

It can be used to treat bedwetting in children and adults. Nocdurna (Desmopressin) comes as a tablet that is taken by mouth. It is usually taken once daily at bedtime, or as directed by your doctor.

Nocdurna (Desmopressin) may help you to control your bedwetting problem. However, it will not cure the problem entirely. Continue taking Nocdurna (Desmopressin) even if you feel better; do not stop taking it without talking with your doctor first.

Who manufactures Nocdurna?

It does this by decreasing the amount of water in the body, which makes the heart work less hard.

Nocdurna is taken as an injection under the skin (subcutaneous), or as a nasal spray. The most common side effects are headache, dizziness, and nosebleeds. These usually go away after a few days of treatment.

If you are taking Nocdurna, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and to avoid excessive exercise and heat exposure. Tell your doctor if you have any problems with urination or if you start having more frequent nosebleeds than usual.

Desmopressin has been shown to be an effective agent in lowering blood pressure in patients with chronic heart failure when used either intravenously or subcutaneously . In addition to its hemodynamic benefits, desmopressin also confers symptomatic relief through natriuresis and diuresis , likely due its antidiuretic effect on renal tubules . Although desmopressin therapy may cause transient adverse effects such as headache, lightheadedness dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea ; these events were generally mild-to-moderate in severity and resolved without discontinuation of therapy. Moreover long-term studies have failed to demonstrate any significant increase incidence rates for malignancies among patients treated chronically with DDAVP. Accordingly DDAVP can be considered safe for long term use provided adequate hydration is maintained

What are the side effects of Nocdurna?

It can also be used to prevent excessive urination caused by drinking alcohol. Nocdurna is a synthetic form of the hormone vasopressin, which helps the body retain water. When taken as prescribed, nocdurna is effective in treating bedwetting and preventing alcohol-related urination. However, nocdurna should not be taken by people with certain medical conditions or who are taking other medications without first consulting a doctor. Nocdurna can cause side effects such as headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

When should I take Nocdurna?

It is used to treat bedwetting in children and adults, diabetes insipidus, and excessive thirst caused by certain medical conditions. Nocdurna may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Before using nocdurna, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any drugs, or if you have kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, or an electrolyte imbalance (such as low levels of potassium or magnesium in your blood).

Nocdurna can cause side effects such as headache and nasal congestion. Call your doctor right away if you have severe stomach pain or diarrhea while taking nocdurna.

How long does it take for Nocdurna to work?

It is used to treat bedwetting in children and adults, and also can be used for people who have problems with too much urine production (called “polyuria”). Nocdurna comes as a tablet or an oral solution that you take by mouth.

It is important to know that Nocdurna should not be taken if you are drinking alcohol, or if you have certain health problems such as heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, seizures, or diabetes. Also tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking this medication.

Every year millions of people around the world suffer from bedwetting- wetting the bed at night when they are supposed to be asleep. This can cause embarrassment and insecurity for children and adults alike. But there is hope- a new medication called Nocdurna has been proven effective in helping people stop wetting the bed at night.

Nocdurna comes as a tablet or an oral solution that you take by mouth. It works by decreasing how much urine your body makes- so it’s perfect for those who produce too much urine overnight (called “polyuria”).

One thing to keep in mind however: Nocdurna should not be taken if you are drinking alcohol,or if you have certain health problems such as heart failure,kidney disease,liver disease,high blood pressure,seizures,or diabetes. So before taking this medication make sure discuss it with your doctor.

Also let them know if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding – because these factors could affect whether this drug is safe for YOU.

Is there a generic for Nocdurna?

It is a synthetic form of the natural hormone vasopressin, which controls the amount of urine produced by the kidneys. Nocdurna helps to reduce urine production, which can help to stop bedwetting. Nocdurna may also be used to treat diabetes insipidus, a condition that causes excessive thirst and urination. Talk with your doctor about whether nocdurna is right for you.

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