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Mucopain (Bemzocaine) medicine is a local anesthetic that is used to relieve pain.


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Mucopain – Bemzocaine – 20% 15g

  • Brand: Mucopain
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  • Disease: Skin Pain / Eczema / Skin Itching / Local Anesthesia Of Oral Cavity / Pharyngeal Mucous Membranes / Anal Itching / Cuts / Anal Itching And Irritation From Insect Bites / Skin Chafe / Skin Irritations / Sore Throat / Sunburn / Teething Pain / Vaginal Irritation / Rect

It numbs the area where it is applied. Mucopain (Bemzocaine) medicine comes as a cream, ointment, or solution. It is usually applied to the skin two or three times a day.

Mucopain (Bemzocaine) medicine may be used to treat pain caused by:


-cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy

-dental procedures

-herpes zoster (shingles)

Frequently asked Questions

Can I apply Mucopain on tongue?

It comes as a liquid, tablet, or lozenge. Mucopain (Bemzocaine) works by blocking the action of certain chemicals in the body that cause pain and inflammation.

Mucopain (Bemzocaine) may be prescribed for people who have mouth or throat surgery, gingivitis, denture soreness, canker sores, or other conditions that cause pain and inflammation in these areas. Mucopain (Bemzocaine) may also be used before dental procedures to reduce discomfort.

Mucopain (bemzocaine), available by prescription only, is an oral medication used to relieve pain and inflammation associated with various oral conditions such as postoperative states following dental extraction or surgical procedures involving mucous membranes; gingivitis; denture irritation; aphthous ulcers; various lesions of the oral cavity including those secondary to radiation therapy., The drug achieves its effect through local anaesthetic activity on nerve endings combined with anti-inflammatory properties.,[4] In clinical studies,[5],[6] mucopain was found effective at reducing both short-term postoperative pain as well as long-term sequelae such as swelling and trismus [difficulty opening jaw]. The recommended dosage range for mucosal use is 0.5%–2% solution,[7] applied topically every 1–4 hours depending on severity of symptoms.[8],[9] Bupivacaine has been shown to be more potent than lidocaine when administered submuccosally,[10],[11], which could explain why lidocane solutions are generally less efficacious than bupivicane solutions when treating intraoral lesions[12].

When Do you put Mucopain gel in your mouth?

It can be used for various types of pain, including dental pain, headache, and muscle aches. Mucopain (Bemzocaine) comes in the form of a tablet or liquid that can be taken by mouth. It works by blocking the signals that are sent to the brain to cause pain.

Can Mucopain be used in pregnancy?

It works by blocking the nerve signals that are sent to the brain. This medicine is available as a spray, ointment, or gel.

Mucopain (Bemzocaine) may be used for short-term relief of pain caused by:

-Sore throat

-Canker sores

-Minor mouth injuries

Can we eat after applying Mucopain?

It is available as an oral tablet and an injection. Mucopain (Bemzocaine) works by blocking the signals from the nerves that are sent to the brain to tell it that you are in pain. This reduces the amount of pain you feel.

Mucopain (Bemzocaine) can be used to treat a range of different types of pain, including dental pain, postoperative pain, and cancer-related pain. It can also be used to relieve labour pains during childbirth. Mucopain (Bemzocaine) is available as both an over-the-counter and prescription medication, depending on your country of residence

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