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Levitra is a medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing blood flow to the penis, which helps you get and keep an erection. Levitra is available as a tablet and can be taken with or without food.



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Buy Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) drugs

Levitra is the youngest of a group of drugs to support erection in men with erectile dysfunction (impotence). It works on the basis of the ingredient Vardenafil. It is produced in different dosages, namely in tablets of 5, 10 and 20 milligrams.

Levitra is relatively quickly absorbed and the effect of Vardenafil usually begins 15 to 25 minutes after ingestion (taken approximately 25 to 60 minutes before anticipated sexual activity). The maximum effect is usually reached after one hour (or between 30 and 120 minutes). The effective duration of action of the drug is 4 to 5 hours after ingestion. After a fatty meal, there is a decrease in the rate of absorption and a decrease in the achievement of the maximum effect.

For the correct effectiveness of Vardenafil, sexual stimulation is necessary (the drug improves erection, but does not produce it itself).


Levitra is the latest and most enhanced erectile dysfunction medications. Among all the present treatments of ED, Levitra is considered to be the safest medication as people with high blood pressure can take it without any high risk side effects. Nothing can influence the work of Levitra as the main ingredient is stable if you consume any type of food or even beverages. Else, comparing Levitra to other ED medications, it has the shortest activation time and stays active for 10-12 hours.

Taking Levitra

Levitra is the trade name for vardenafil HCI and is generally known as a PDE5 blocker. It’s an Food and Drug Administration -approved remedy, administrated to treat men experiencing ED (ED). Erectile dysfunction is outlined as the recurrent inability to get or sustain an erection needful for sexual relations. Levitra reuptakes the volume of blood flowing to the penial tissues. This action helps the normal procedure of stimulation in which chambers in the penial tissues are made full with blood. Levitra is a prescription medicine intended to help males with ED (erectile dysfunction). With sexual stimulation, you can get an erection in 25 minutes, as long as you are taking Levitra, for up to four or five hours. The recommended dosage is 10 mg Take one Levitra pill approximately 25 to 60 minutes before sexual activity.If you do not respond to one 10 mg pill, your health care provider can increase the treatment dose to 20 mg. If you are older than age 65 and/or taking another medicine, you may need to start at 5mg or less

Before You Take Levitra

An additional uncommon side effect was sudden and short loss of hearing, in other words tinnitus. In a 2009 summary, the Food and Drug Administration noted accounts of sudden decrement in or loss of hearing accompanying by the usage of PDE5 blockers such as Levitra. The consequence was a change in the marking for the erectile dysfunction prescriptions, which needs listing deafness as a possible negative response, and a recommendation for actuate checkup attention if either vision or deafness happen. Health care is as well urged for painful erecting or ones enduring more than four hours. Prior to using Levitra or any medication, inform the health care provider of any underlying disorders. You must also tell your doctor of any allergic reactions you’ve got, and what prescription and nonprescription medications you already use. Additionally, if you’ve got a heart disorder, ask the health care provider if intercourse or erectile dysfunction therapies are safe.

9.5Expert Score
Levitra - An excellent drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of vascular genesis.
Everyone knows only "Viagra" and few can imagine that there is a product that is 10 times more powerful than it! This really great drug "Levitra" (vardenafil) from a really great company. In certain aspects, "Levitra" with a more significant effect on the blood vessels of the penis acts much gentler and longer, and therefore is most suitable for a course prescription for patients with problems in the intimate sphere. With almost no effect on the FDE-6 enzyme (found in the retina), it does not change color perception. Also, Levitra has little effect on another important enzyme - FDE -11, which is present in the testicles, so it does not inhibit spermatogenesis. These and other qualities make Levitra (vardenafil) a unique specimen in the line of phosphodiesterase inhibitors - 5!
  • A highly effective drug for erectile dysfunction.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Well tolerated by patients
  • Ease of use, minimal side effects
  • Psychological dependence may occur when taking it frequently; therefore, for anxiety disorders, anxious waiting for sexual failure syndrome, psychotherapeutic methods of treatment without taking similar drugs should be used

How to Take Levitra


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  1. Robert Barber

    the biggest advantage ( except, of course, improving erection) is the possibility to buy Levitra without a prescription online. It is convenient, fast and, most importantly, completely anonymous to buy drugs online.

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  2. Nick M.

    it’s good that one can buy generic Levitra or other drugs over the internet without a prescription. With Levitra I feel like a superior man again. No one would force me to go to the doctor and therefore the option to order without a prescription is just for me. I recommend generic Levitra to everyone!

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  3. Arnold Harris

    Mostly, problems with potency arose after the 50-year milestone due to illness, which was prostate inflammation. The use of Levitra dramatically reduced the problem. Sex became much better and more intense. Before that I just lost confidence in myself and after several misfires I thought that the former pleasure would not return. Perhaps the main obstacle is the psychological aspect, was defeated thanks to this drug, as it makes it possible to perform several sexual acts almost immediately, without a long rest.

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