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Kiwof for cats

Kiwof for cats is a medication used to treat parasitic infections. The active ingredient in Kiwof for cats is pyrantel, which works by paralyzing the worms so they can be passed through the digestive system.


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Kiwof for cats (pyrantel) is a broad-spectrum dewormer that is effective against a variety of common parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. The active ingredient in Kiwof for cats is pyrantel pamoate, which works by paralyzing the parasites so they can be expelled from the body through the stool. Kiwof for cats is available in both tablet and liquid form, and the recommended dosage depends on the weight of your cat. For most cats, one tablet or 1ml of liquid per 4-6 pounds (2-3 kg) body weight given once every two to four weeks will suffice. Some side effects that have been reported with Kiwof for Cats include vomiting and diarrhea; however, these are typically mild and resolve on their own without treatment. If you have any concerns about giving your cat Kiwof or notice any adverse reactions after administration, please contact your veterinarian immediately

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