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Adalat CC

Adalat CC (nifedipine) is a calcium channel blocker used to treat high blood pressure and chest pain.


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Adalat CC – Nifedipine – 30mg

  • Brand: Nicardia CD Nicardia Retard Nicardia XL
  • Manufacturer:
  • Disease: Hypertension / Angina

It works by relaxing the muscles in your blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more freely and reduces the amount of work the heart has to do. Adalat CC is available as a tablet or capsule that you take by mouth. It is usually taken twice a day, with or without food.

Common side effects of Adalat CC include headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, flushing (warmth or redness in your face), and nausea. Tell your doctor if you experience these symptoms; they may be signs that your dose needs adjustment. Do not stop taking this medication without first talking to your doctor; stopping suddenly can cause dangerous heart problems.

Adalat CC may interact with other medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements such as herbs and vitamins. Be sure to tell your doctor about all medications you are taking before starting treatment with Adalat CC

Frequently asked Questions

What does CC stand for in Adalat CC?

It works by relaxing the muscles of your heart and blood vessels. Adalat CC is available as a generic drug and comes in tablet, capsule, extended-release tablet, and oral suspension forms. The most common side effects are headache, constipation, swelling of the ankles or feet, and dizziness.

What are the side effects of Adalat CC?

Adalat CC relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels, which allows for more blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It also dilates coronary arteries, which may help improve heart function in people with coronary artery disease. Side effects of Adalat CC may include headache, flushing, dizziness, or lightheadedness.

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